About Our Company

Our Company has been working hard since 2000 in order to develop Polish-English cooperation regarding active association of Business Partners. Our strength is a multi-faced understanding of how the UK Market functions arising from many years of experience and the diversity of the Projects we have been running since that time.

Our business Projects range from amber jewellery, building materials, groceries through, to innovative financial services and advanced environmental technologies which are the future of Our Planet.
We cooperate with not only big corporations recruiting thousands of employees but also with small family businesses. We treat each company with which we collaborate individually. We carefully select Our Business Partners taking into account both the realities of the UK Market and Our Own possibilities.
We are a Business Team who through out the years, has devepoped Our Own ‘modus operandi’ on the UK Market and we believe it will contribute to Your company’s success. Our goal is to establish constant business relationships and participate in the subsequent phases of development and cooperation.

The UK Market is extremely absorbent but on the other hand it is also exceptionally demanding and highly competitive. Value for money is not always the main part of the tender, quality, professionalism and tradition are important as well.
Only those who can appreciate the economic and cultural differences between Our Nations can succeed in this Market.

All the projects ran by Our Business Team are aimed at the development of Your company.
We invite you to become part of the program, we invite you to the UK and to our Fair Events.


Bartosz Libicki

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Proud Member of